Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I regret to inform you, there will be no more Sam and Sara so there will be no more Steele blog. Thanks for all your prayers and such, but, I need to close down this blog and end this chapter in my life. I might set up my own blog... but until further notice, this one is done.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009


so... My sister FINALLY had her baby. And since it was a surprise, we were really excited to get down there, and see what it was. It was a boy! Chandler Linden Newman. He was born on Monday, at 5:51 pm, and was 9 lb's and 11 oz, and 22 1/2 inches long. BIG BOY!! And he was 11 days early... So we are so glad he is here. Mom and baby, are doing GREAT. If you want to see pictures, click HERE

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I hope everyone had a nice Easter, and I hope that during all the festivies you remembered the true meaning of Easter. I am so thankful for Easter and all it means in my life.

For Easter this year, it was actually kinda quiet. My parents had my nieces and nephews over on friday night for their Easter hunt... and then on Sunday my sister and her kids came over, and we had Peach Pancakes... My favorite! And we played outside and threw a football around. It was nice and just very relaxing. I hope everyone else had a nice Easter!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Headers I made!

This is for my ladies!

And time to retire this one!


So we took a girls trip to California to see my paternal Grandmother, who has a condo down there for the winter. And it was in the 75-85 degree range. It was so nice. While we were there, there was a blizzard here. We slept in, layed by the pool for hours, ate whenever we were hungry, didnt answer to anyone, and went to the street fair. We all stayed at my Grandma's condo, which is in a retirement community. So it was quiet, and no kids. It was so much fun. I got a nice starter tan to start off my summer. It was not very fun to come back to a blizzard here. Anyway, here is some pictures
Me, my mom, Rachel, my sister in law Katie and my sister in law Angie all went.

Grandma, Rachel, Me, and Katie

Grandma, Katie and Rachel in the pool

Look at that clear sky!

At the street fair was this cool guitar purse! no I didnt buy it!

Katie and Angie

My new sunglasses!

Sara and Angie, these are golf hats with fake hair on top lol!!!

Layin out by the pool. Angie and Sara

Sara and Rachel at PF Changs for dinner

Sara and Angie with Rachel tryin to be in the picture!

Rachel and Katie... both are pregnant and ate all the food... see pic below

Katie and the empty plates!

Rachel REALLY wants Katies Town dress... she even slept talked about it! lol

Rachel, Katie, and Angie, waiting for lunch... and notice my awesome photography with water comin out of Rachel's head! lol. I didnt even plan that!

Sara and Angie after lunch sittin in the sun!

An old man walked by and said let me take your picture, cuz I was tryin to do it myself. And I said ok. He was like, this is how I get all my camera's! He was way old , and it was kinda funny..

That was our trip. And It was so much fun. I didnt want to come home, I could have stayed there another week. I hate our weather here! But thanks Grandma for letting us come and crash at your place. It was fun, and we are making this a yearly thing!

Family Birthday Party

We had a family birthday party for me and Sam. We went to Murray Park and went swimming, then came back to get in the hot tub, and had pizza and cupcakes. That was with my family, and then on Sunday we had a party with Sam's family. We played games, and had my favorite red velvet cake! Here is some picutres... photo's taken by my talented husband Sammy! Love you boo!

Taylor and Uncle Richie


Some of the Fam

Taylor and his daddy about to get spilled on

ME in the slide

My 5 year old niece Abi is giving me a piggy back ride, and my 5 year old niece Kaylee is giving Beka (17) a piggy back ride!


ME and Sam blowin out our candles (with Abi and Kaylee)

Now for our party with his family....

My cute doggie Toa

It was a fun birthday! Thank you friends and family for spoiling us! WE love you

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to me today. I am 25. Wow, I feel old. And in 6 day's, it will be Sammy's Birthday! Here are some pictures of our together party last night with my friends, and tonight we're having a swimming party with my family so more pictures to come of that.
I just want to say, I have the best group of friends, we get along fabulously and have so much fun together, and since we've all gotten a little older, its kinda hard to hang out as much as we would like, but we are always able to pick up right where we left off. I love you Tonga's and Tiatia's, and Justin Lord! We had so much fun last night doing friend therapy, and it was so fun to be with great friends for my birthday!
This birthday party was at PF Changs in Orem, and it was for me, Sam, Melissa Tonga, And Vao Tiatia. Since our birthday's are about 2 weeks apart from eachother. It was so much fun

Sammy and Sara waiting at the restuarant for everyone to show up. Everyone was on polynesian time!

Birthday Girl

Sammy...he was looking right into the sun


Vao and Shauna Tiatia

Sila and Melissa Tonga

The birthday couple

The whole gang

Sunday, March 15, 2009


As many of you know, Sammy travels for his job. I can't get into it on here, but if you were wondering what he does, you'll have to email or something. Anyway. so sometimes I get to go with him, and we went to Alaska. We left on Friday the 13th and came home today, Sunday the 15th. Granted we left here on Friday at 9 pm, arrived in Alaska on Saturday morning, at 12 am. (which was 2 our time). We went and found our hotel and slept in late. We had all day to kinda walk around town, but Sammy had been sick the last couple of days, and so we just went out for breakfast, and came back and hung around the hotel and took a nap. Then we woke up and went for dinner ish, and after that he was feeling a bit better, and we decided to see where the ocean was. We kinda didnt really know where Anchorage Alaska was, but we found out it was on a penninsula. A really nice guy at Subway kinda pointed us in the direction of the water. Mind you, it was probably 24 degree's all day, plus a blowing wind. But we kinda ended up CLOSE enough to the water, that i got out and ran as far as I could with out being too cold to run back to the car, and I snapped a picture. I ran back, and Sammy wanted a picture of the car we were driving and the roads, uh, they dont plow ALL the roads out there. And when they DO plow, they just kinda do it in the lanes. The dont plow the WHOLE road. That was interesting. So it was like ice, and snow and packed snow, that we were driving on. It was kinda scary. After the park, we decided to see what else there was to see in Anchorage. After a while we ended up downtown, and we wanted to see the mall, it was huge, it had 5 stories, but for some reason, they were closing it for the night. It was only 8 pm people!!! So we hurried and got some pic's inside the mall, and since it is so cold there, they have walkway's down town. That are above the ground and you can kinda get around downtown that way.So we took some pictures, and then we had to drive back to our hotel and get our stuff and leave.On our flight back to SLC, we REALLY did see the northern lights. The one we saw was faint and green. It was soo cool. So then our flight left on sat night/sun morning, i think our flight left at 1 am (so that would be 3 am utah time) and we flew thru the night, and we got in about 730 am. Sammy and I only slept about 2 hours on the flight. Bein in first class they keep asking what you want to drink, and they bring you sandwhich, and all sorts of fun stuff, that you want to be up for. Anyway. We're back and here is some pictures.

Sammy's Surprise

So, I came home from my trip to Arziona on thrusday, and I came home pretty late. And I walk in the door, and I am looking everywhere for Sammy. I am yelling his name, and I can't figure out where he is. Then.... I see him.... Coming in thru the door from outside, and what do my wondering eyes behold.... THIS!!!

The best part of the whole thing, is, it covered his HIDEOUS tattoo that he had before. I love that part. But now, I get to deal with a HUGE arm tattoo. I was so mad he did that while I was gone. I was so surprised and upset about it, that I cried. I cried for about 20 min. I hated it. I was so mad, I wanted to go back to Arizona! I hope it grows on me.

His tattoo has the south carolina flag and the samoan flag, and then some tribal that his best friend Val (his art work to the right) drew up for him. I just wish it wasnt a sleeve. We had talked about him covering up his first tattoo mistake, but I didnt know it would be a sleeve. I thought it would be a shouulder piece. But wow, needless to say, I was shocked!

Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm Back!!!

My mom, me and my mom's friend Sharon all drove to Arizona. We left on Sunday night about 7 and we drove part way to Kanab.

Monday, we slept in and ate some breakfast, and left about 10 am and drove the rest of the way to Mesa. We dropped of Sharon at her daughters place, then we drove on to our neighborhood. We first drove past Kino where I used to have my swim meets. It has TOTALLY changed. Then we went to our old neighborhood, and drove passed our old house. It basically looks the same, and that was great to see. Then we drove over to our long time friends the Albrights. Their daughter has been my best friend from growing up. And we talked and caught up some, then we went to dinner at Cafe Rio. After, we went to see their oldest daughter Lynessa. She looks exactly like my cousin, but it was great to see her and her kids. She has 5 now! WOW. She used to babysit me when I was younger, and so it was different to see us both so grown up. We visited for a while, and then we drove over to my Best Friends house, Lindsey. I was going to be staying at her house until wed night. So we went in and looked around her house, and then we visited for a while, and then they left, and Lindsey and I sat up and talked for a while.

We woke up and she went to the gym, so I slept in a bit, and then I ate some breakfast and watched some TV. Then I showered and we decided to go to the mall when she got back. We left about 1230 to go to the mall, and it was Champ's nap time. So he was kinda grumpy. But we shopped a bit and had some lunch in the mall, and tried to shop more, but he was grumpy so we went home and put him down. But that didnt last long, he pooped and was up in 45 min! So then she started to make some dinner, and I showed her some of my friends on Facebook, and she showed me some of hers, and we ate. After, we decided that we wanted to have a movie night. So we rented a movie, Nick and Norah's infinate playlist, which was so dumb, we couldnt even get into it! lol!

Woke up and she went to the gym again, and I facebooked a little and showered and watched some TV till she got home. And we decided to have lunch at home and have Champ take his nap AT nap time so he wouldnt be so grumpy! So we just watched some TV and did some gossiping. When Champ woke up we decided to grab a costco hot dog, and head over to her parents house where my mom was staying. Which was so sad, because I had to pack and that meant I was leaving... this was our last day together of my short trip! So we headed over, and hung in the front yard, and I said, "Lets go visit Staci!" she was our other great friend growing up! So we put Champ in the wagon and headed around the block. I think we totally surprised her! But it was so great to see her, and her cute little family. We walked back, and got ready to go out to dinner. We went to Tia Rosa's which is a Mexican Restaurant that Lindsey's aunt owns. It was great food! And then we had to say our goodbyes. Lindsey was going home, and I was going to stay with my mom at my grandma Donna's house. Because we were going to leave pretty early, and Lindsey lives about 30 min away. So I decided instead of making her drive really early in the morning, I would just stay with my mom that night. So on our way home from the restaurant we stopped by our other old house, we just lived there for about 10 months, before we moved to Utah. Then we went to Grandma Donna's house and went to bed.

Woke up and showered, and I was taking my luggage outside, and I hear what I think to be poice yelling in a mega phone, come out with your hands up, and neighbors please stay in your house. I was yelling for my mom to come listen. So we pack up and leave, and I am like mom, lets find out where we hear that. And we went out on the main road, and there was swat and police surrounding this house with BIG guns and 3 people handcuffed on the ground. It was kinda cool. We went to pick up Sharon at her daughters and we were on the road about 930 am, and we arrived home at 930 pm. So I think we made great time, with just a few stops for lunch and dinner. And of course a stop at Lake Powell.

That was our vacation, and it was so nice to be away from the snow here in UTAH. Thank you Lindsey for letting me stay at your house. That was fun to see you, and I will continue to work on getting Sam to move down there. Love you!